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areeba chooses openways way4 payment processing platform


  • The need to introduce products or product deployment process that is quick, efficient, and innovative.
  • Consolidating their cashless solutions such as, e-wallets, digital banking, contactless payments under one platform as they undergo geographic and product expansion.


  • The Way4 card management system and payment processing platform by OpenWay.
  • Offering flexibility and scalability to tackle the needs of payment processors in the digital payment ecosystem.


  • Rationalize the product portfolio of Bank Audi, and introduce new products.
  • areeba is recognized for its best issuing portfolio in Lebanon.
  • Immediate result in cost reduction & operational efficiency.

I. Company case

areeba is the largest issuer & acquirer in Lebanon, and with presence expanding into Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt, managing their cashless offerings with efficiency is of top priority to deliver seamless customer experiences and introduce innovative payment solutions for their clients.

As areeba grew its product offering and expanded their business geographically, it ought to develop an agile business model that can ensure a customer centric approach to deliver on their promise of empowering a cashless world. Therefore, Way4’s card management system and payment processing platform delivers their need with its open architecture that reduces error and promotes efficiency in managing their multiple cashless solutions and contactless technologies.II. Case Cracked

After areeba acquired the electronic and card payments department (ECPS) of Bank Audi, they had to expand the scope of the Way4 card management system and payment processing platform to process the high intensity of consumer’s demands and provide seamless customer experiences.

As their trusted vendor, Infotec Systems confronted the obstacles areeba were facing and thought-out a mutual deal with OpenWay to accelerate areeba’s transition into the digital payments ecosystem; with Way4’s flexible and scalable modular nature areeba were able to benefit from personalizing the solution to meet their needs of going cross-border and empowering a cashless society.Building Phase:

Our CEO Mr. Houssam Khatib negated the importance of having a trusted vendor when in the process of transformation into the digital payments ecosystem. Throughout the scope of the project, Infotec Systems’ technical team provided solutions support to ensure areeba harnesses the full-benefit of the all-inclusive payment processing platform of Way4. As areeba reached full migration by March 2017, Infotec Systems had succeeded in accomplishing a mutually agreeable deal that advocated the growth of both our client and supplier.Post Implementation:

The acquisition of a flexible and innovative payment platform aided areeba to accelerate the multi-direction growth of its payment processing business. The platform allows the implementation of several payment methods, such as contactless payment and online payments, including e-billing, digital transactions, mobile wallets, and many more. This allows areeba to cut down on operational costs of ongoing transactions and promote the innovative nature of areeba.

The secure platform allows areeba to support the issuance of both, contact chip cards and contactless cards:

  • Domestic and International cards
  • Revolving credit cards
  • Charge cards
  • Debit cards
  • Installment cards
  • Islamic cards
  • Business and corporate cards
  • Prepaid and gift cards

III. Why Choose Infotec Systems?

At Infotec Systems, we are building a digital payments ecosystem that requires collaboration with our valued clients; we provide our valued clients with innovative cashless solutions and offer a comprehensive suite of technical & business support to help you pave the way towards the new banking ecosystem.

Our team is ready to help you on all the aspects of your digital transformation journey.

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