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altpay digital commerce gateway innovation journey

At Infotec Systems we always strive to create disruptive innovative payment solutions, and that’s how Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway came to life. We combined end-to-end simplification of real-time payments, uniting cash advance availability, settlement finality, instant payment acceptance, and integrated data flow all in just seconds, giving banks and the merchant acquiring value chain a new light.

Real-time payments can benefit banking institutions, merchants and consumers alike by offering enhanced visibility into payment processing, better cash management, and day-to-day cash liquidity; to create a more predictable payment cycle of payer and payee.

An End-to-End Payment Ecosystem from Scratch

We built our own digital commerce gateway, and although it’s not the first in the global payments industry, it’s the amongst the most sophisticated ones. To break up the advanced payment acceptance and merchant platform, check the components that we rally for.

  1. Secure Cloud-computing Data Centers (data flow transition)

A key component of our home-grown digital commerce gateway was designing and building our own set of servers in data centers, to leverage the power of Platforms as a Service & Software as a Service. Altpay data centers are PCI-DSS 3.2X certified physical sites that perform seamless data flow transitions. Seamless data flow transition is a term describing a system that doesn’t store volatile and private data, it simply receives them and sends them back; this stands-in useful against cyber security risk, as well as hold counter-party and individual accountability for fraudulent acts.

  1. Digital Commerce Gateway (state-of-the-art payments platform)

The primary reason for Altpay’s sophistication is its ability to perform real-time payments and real-time monitoring of data processing; this sets it apart from a mere clearance and settlement platform, and provides real-time access to rich payment transaction data to give merchants deeper and actionable insights on cash flows, payment methods, and payment acceptance to enable improved decision making.

  1. Merchant Hub (Web and app based)

Altpay appeals to merchants with its convenient access to a web-based merchant portal accountable for real-time monitoring of transactions, smart android POS activity, dynamic data analytics reporting, order processing and fee set-up, as well as settlement processing. In the world of connected consumers, you can benefit from the above on a mobile-app at the palm of your hand.

  1. Altpay App-store

Altpay Digital Commerce Gateway empowers merchants with the ability to update apps with the convenience of the smart phone. Altpay store unlimited apps in the scope of payments, customer loyalty, order processing and inventory management, and specialty apps for merchant’s customers such as e-commerce and m-commerce. 

  1. Closed-Loop Issuance

Whether you want to issue gift cards or merchant cards, Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway offers an operation referred to as a closed-loop card issuance to harvest customer connections and grow customer loyalty. In this manner the merchant can issue prepaid payment cards, with EMV personalization, that are either pre-loaded or topped-up at the customers’ request.

Altpay Omni-Channel Banking

Scenario 1: Your company receives a partial payment made through a QR code

Scenarios like this trigger an information overflow between the merchant and the bank to consolidate the payment and uncover the scope of inefficiency in the current acquiring network; Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway secures the end-to-end payment ecosystem with Omni-channel banking capabilities such as extending payment gateway across several devices, and Omni-instrument payment acceptance to cover NFC, EMV cards, mobile payments & advanced QR and biometric payments, to offer a seamless checkout experience.

Altpay as Merchant Management

Scenario 2: You are low on inventory, and your customer is waiting for his order to come out, what is your alternative?

Complete and integrated information for merchant management has always been a challenge, and companies had built fragmented solutions to bridge compilation of order processing, inventory management, customer loyalty & payment acceptance. Altpay merchant management web and mobile app platform offers real-time monitoring for greater interoperability between merchant app and payment app. The merchant can setup a map of total goods and services ordered to predict when to pay a supplier and add to your inventory, in order to mitigate the risk of shortages and plan your product lifecycle. 

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