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infotec system journey with a personal brush

The industry is growing fast and facing many challenges, and to make a difference you need a team that displays the right set of personality & business skills. Building that is easier said than done, but with a growing culture that values openness, and learning in a relaxed environment, matching your ambitions with the company goals seems viable. At Infotec Systems if you want to learn more, you can ask, and if you need change, feel free to lead the chain; it’s a culture that values collaboration & innovation.

Standing in between payment institutions, banks and their customers, Infotec aimed at influencing change rather than just presenting solutions. I would love to give you insights on how after a year and a half of working on several projects, I had committed to a journey of understanding the global payments industry with Infotec Systems, in what resembles a fast-learning curve.

On-boarding program

All employees stress the observation of others on the first day, but the highlight of my first day was checking a team that valued collaboration. On the first day, the team would take the time to meet, take me through the different functions and the role they played in the value chain, and that was enough to determine the growing morality of the organizational culture.

It would seem obvious that the industry had many technical terms, best practices, and a realm of business etiquettes, as you’re dealing with banks and long-decision making matrices. For the many questions you might have, there are many people to help you as well. I had 2 training sessions on the second day, covering technical perspective of the industry from products, infrastructure, abbreviations, and growing technologies in the industry. This was followed by a business session about working in an office & dealing with decision-making matrix of banking institutions. Besides that, you can roam the office, ask questions, and be set-up for the success to be made.

As a Team Member

It was remarkable to change an image I had for too long, the banking and payment industry was different than what I thought; a culture that was boosting the need for individuality and breaking norms of suit & ties. You build skills and beliefs at the same pace, and whether I had too much to work on or too little, you have to keep on learning. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and at times were I felt resistance to the change process, I would remember the faith and trust given to an individual to meet his ambitions. My job was to create a marketing department and with a lot of outstanding work waiting, people remain central to everything, and the main determinant was to set the strategy & the priorities to abide to the company’s customer-centric approach.

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