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building value through learning organization approach

Change initiatives towards corporate culture have become more normative than ever, top executives are considering it a corporate process that leads towards greater innovativeness and competitive advantage; a way of measuring business success away from financial performance. Build your team harmony, fun traditions, value missions, and attitude towards customer service and worry not about financial performance.

Growth Hacking as a Team

There is a significant effect on performance and personal achievements coming from cultural harmony; cultures that are perceived to be open are characterized by values such as hope, open discussions, willingness to learn. At Infotec Systems, our corporate culture strategy is clear in terms of grooming a team with an entrepreneurial spirit, and that had played an instrumental role in presenting the local market with innovative payment solutions; from the first EMV chip migration in Lebanon, to the first Qibla compass payment card in the MENA, and recently the first 100% home-grown payment ecosystem Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway.

Learning Organization Approach

It’s a systematic approach towards realizing certain behaviors and beliefs across multiple departments within a company and matching them with the company’s values & knowledge. The first steps toward managing organizational learning:

  1. Define ideal behaviors that align with the company’s corporate strategy. Over the years we have regarded collaboration and innovation as values driving our long-term strategy, and ensured our team’s involvement in value-added services would provide behaviors that exemplify these values; the results are projected in our market first-timers and trends set by innovative payment solutions.
  1. Articulate or put to action the cultural requirements for success, these could be a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that each employee should perform.  For infotec this is highlighted in our customer-centric approach and high regard towards clients’ interactions; we are taking the time to measure the extra mile our team members take when dealing with clients.
  1. Work with each department on day-to-day operations to ensure that the company’s intangible asset portfolio is projecting value for the customers. Our service propositions are modeled, recognized, and reinforced with organizational learning, this way our human behavior and business outcomes are connected to our values. Our constant attempts in driving value from organizational learning include, weekly crash courses, business workshops, and cross-functional meetings.

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