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defining out corporate purpose

Achievements & Acknowledgments

Established in 2001 Infotec Systems became a trusted and secure cards and payments solutions provider and is primarily focused on providing solutions to the financial institutions, third party payment processors, card manufacturers and card personalization bureaus.

Counting for the beginning of 18 years in operational experience, our customer centric team headed by our forward thinking CEO and founder Mr. Houssam Khatib, marks us ready to guide your digital transformation. Our latest digital shift revolts around a fully integrated and cloud based payment acceptance platform that enhances user experience and serves their interest in real-time payment processing and merchant data analytics.

Building Trust & Confidence

Our mission has always been directed towards gaining our client’s trust, this is why we work ambitiously to acquire resources that reflect that image. We face our toughest challenges with exceptional client-agent interaction; we had created, over the years, a value chain that soothes discords with better networking and ease of communication.

What does this mean to your business? We believe that our brand evolves as our team delivers distinctive client-services, we have always provided clear narratives in our value proposition, but this time, it’s about customer value. Based on our purpose of leading with value to deliver secure payment solutions, our partnership wouldn’t suffice on finances, but on a broad-based prosperity that includes responsibilities towards our stakeholders, customers, employees and society alike.

Strengthening our Brand

Our corporate identity revolts around showcasing our values through creativity and distinctive ideas; The infotec Systems team have created this logo and brand identity to communicate our message of driving the payments ecosystem in Lebanon and the region. We are finding new ways to measure & communicate the fully encompassing narrative of long-term value in terms of talent, social needs, financial, and customer value, and this is an infinitely large commitment that we demonstrate in our journey towards disrupting the payment ecosystem in the region.

This strategy was best expressed to our audience through highly valued events such as Lebanon Opportunities, Seamless Middle East, and on recognized magazines such as Asia’s “Card Now”.

Trade Quality

The evolution of IOT and global trade allows us to steadily grow in different geographic locations. Our team’s ability to adapt to change and create diplomatic practices, coupled with our technology-driven solutions, can create competitive pressure and disrupt the market. These trade opportunities are made true with our expertise in creating & delivering first timers for the cards & payments market; from the first Qibla card for Al Hilal bank, Fransabank’s full migration to EMV, and the disruptive digital commerce gateway for smart POS devices.

Our purpose lies in creating a disruptive storm that facilitates our role in digitizing the cards & payments industry, through the following pillars:

  • Supply chain transformation: customer-centric supply chain management can help you unlock capital client requirements.
  • Digitization of products & services: Upgrading the core solutions with digital inputs to digitize our solutions portfolio.
  • Strategic partnerships: Helps us continually evolve in intensely competitive markets and create operational efficiency.
  • Next-gen security & trade compliance: Helps us reduce delays, production damage, security breaches, and potential reputational damage.

Strategize and innovate ecosystems that thrive

This transformative age, ideas and innovations, paired with the digital impact, had created growth opportunities; they also created a downside, fueled with high demand for seamless and real-time experiences that require companies to develop digital-fit services. At Infotec Systems, we aim at playing a critical role in seizing the upside of digital disruption, through Altpay, an innovative and fully home-grown payments solution that encompasses a payment app with merchant management app in real-time. a solution that is immersive in its functions and interactive in its experience, will enable our clients to be agile and adaptive to market demands.

Closing the digital solutions gap

We have grown by our commitment to quality, extensive R&D and continuous investments in emerging technologies; this has been evident in our history, from the first OpenWay’s Way4 implementation in the Middle East for Bank Audi to developing and launching of Altpay, a cloud-based payment acceptance platform that we launched during Seamless Middle East 2019. It’s evident in our extensive set of software and hardware solutions in the payment and card printing industry that we are committed to offer value in the products and services we deliver; we aim at understanding our client’s needs as a first step to enable changes in their operating model, from vision, processes, and culture. Our portfolio includes an extensive array of payment solutions, in the issuing and acquiring field, from EMV payment cards, cloud-based digital payment solutions, and workshops on the latest trends in the global payments industry.

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