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changing trends in digital-payments: securing the payment at every level

Business Growth with the Introduction of Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway

As the world grows on cashless solutions, more interoperability and exchange of data is taking place, customers are expecting a seamless experience while purchasing, which puts a demand on issuers & acquirers to upgrade their network to EMV driven technologies.

Understanding our client’s need to shift into the digital era, and towards fast and real-time delivery of information, we have created Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway. Altpay is a 100% homegrown solution with integrated multi-apps delivering a seamless and engaging experience to the consumer and real-time analytics to the merchant. A milestone complimented by the introduction of the first series of smart android POS by Pax Technologies, a cloud-based terminal with state-of-art security, featuring encryptions at the coding stage.

Securing the payment acceptance network

The new smart android POS, powered by the scalability and security of Altpay will have a great impact on creating business opportunities for its users. The current mobile POS terminals in the market don’t feature proper encryption safeguards and diligent patching of known mobile code exploits, thus attackers can interfere with the mobile app and the EMV card reader attached, putting client privacy at stake.

Altpay’s secure payment method and open architecture allows for endless personalization that enhances the user experience and empowers the merchant through multi-apps, and multi-instruments. This includes, and is not limited to, order processing, inventory management, loyalty application and other merchant empowering apps.

How can merchants benefit from our Altpay: Digital Commerce Gateway?

– EMV upgrade: By migrating to EMV, merchants can avoid being responsible for chargebacks caused by fraudulent credit card transactions.
– Mobility: A cloud-driven, in-store smart android POS gateway that is device-agnostic, makes you accept payments anywhere, and at any time. Creating a connection across multiple locations.
– Personalized Services: Aid in building a seamless customer experience based on their needs or order; Altpay digital commerce gateway, will allow you to integrate merchant management with payment acceptance to fit the customer’s purchase needs.

We aim to keep our clients at the top of their customer’s mind through supporting them with a solution that enables them to deliver personalized services, create a connection, and get recognized for endless innovations.

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