Homethe role of payment card instant issuance in seamless bankingCard Issuance Case Studiesthe role of payment card instant issuance in seamless banking

the role of payment card instant issuance in seamless banking

Instant issuance of payment cards at financial institutions is more accessible than ever. NBS technologies’ Xpressi software has been upgraded to accommodate for multi-personalization applications of instant issuance and central issuance circumstances.

Infotec Systems with its wide market coverage and expertise in the payments industry across the MENA is aiming to drive the cashless society with convenience in accessing trusted and secure payments on-spot and on-demand for immediate use.

Secure & Flexible Work Flow

While the security of issuing payment cards goes deeper than physical card theft, it’s notable to say that, instant issuance of payments cards in-branch mitigates the risks associated with mailing payment cards to customers and encompasses increased security in the form of production performance and volatile information management controls, even during high-volume payment card issuance environments.

Eco-friendly & Compact Design

The NBS desktop printers for instant issuance and central issuance, offer the ability to personalize on double or single side of payment cards at the ease of your desk. The module payment card printers are engineered to allow ease-of-integration with bank’s internal system to deliver consistent payment cards printing capabilities.

Its compact design and single module engineering ensures reduced costs, as well as economic and environmental footprint of printing payment cards. Payment card issuer can up their card production capacity to 800 cards per hour for instant issuance and over 3 million cards per annum for central issuance cases.

Build your Card Issuance Strategy

While instant issuance of payment cards is a competitive advantage for many financial institutions, it’s not yet a standard offering for the industry.

First, banks need to assess the internal risks of instant issuance of payment cards and understand regulatory requirements to keep out-of-stake, cardholders’ data and the security of bank’s card issuance program.

Alongside internal security measures, meeting customer expectation for secure and seamless access to banking products, are among the top priorities to consider for payment cards in-branch issuance.

Why Choose Infotec Systems?

At Infotec Systems, we are building a trusted and secure payments ecosystem that requires collaboration with our valued financial institutions; we provide our valued clients with innovative cashless solutions and offer a comprehensive suite of technical and business support to help pave way towards the new banking ecosystem.

Our team is ready to help you on all aspects of your in-branch payment card instant issuance.


With a well defined, business-first instant issuance strategy, and top tier PCI compliant instant issuance technology, you can take your financial institution to the next height of seamless banking. Consider payment cards instant issuance for your financial institution to achieve customer and operational leadership.

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