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The Metal Payment Card

Payment Card trends:

Financial institutions are trying greater than ever to promote the opportunities of targeting niche markets, and they understand they have to work efficiently in issuing innovative payment cards and determine how best to differentiate their products in the fast changing landscape of the global payment industry. Banks are issuing innovative payment cards from jewelry cards, transparent cards, and metal cards that attract new customers and boost the confidence of highly valued clients with unique designs and seamless customer experience.Securing the Payment ecosystem of the Metal Payment Card

As payment experiences become frictionless with contactless payment technologies, and as the customer experience becomes seamless, payment card vendors and payment providers are increasing their efforts in securing the payment journey with complex technologies such as tokenization and new authentication methods.

Efforts such as online monitoring that control online transactions, block suspicious websites, and dynamic passwords on cards are being implemented to provide a seamless customer experience that elevates the brand value when using flagship cards such as the Metal Payment Card.

The Metal Cards portfolio is certified by EMVco and is compliant with the latest EMV dual interface chips, standard magnetic stripes, and meets ISO specifications in terms of its printing technologies and physical storage.Out of the box Metal Payment Cards:

When payments become frictionless with network interoperability, it becomes more difficult for payment providers to maintain a strong brand. Staying visible for your clients requires constant innovation in your product portfolio, starting with revamping your payment cards design.

Payment cards are the tangible medium that makes your brand standout, that’s why payment providers are working behind the scenes to make their security more sophisticated, and their designs more innovative. Credit card usage has increased in 2019 to mark up a 7% increase in the Middle East & North Africa from the previous year and further increase in circulation is predicted by 2021, so the payment cards segment is looking more attractive than ever.

Banks are now requesting cards made of special material, printing your day-to-day card has become more complex than ever. This upcoming year we’re introducing a new trend of full body Metal Card, veneer Metal Card, and stainless steel Metal payment cards for payment providers and issuers to target their high valued customer. Our range of Metal Payment Cards can be personalized with a great variety of printing effects from coatings and engraving to deliver on the promise of elevating your brand value.Why choose Infotec Systems?

In a cashless society, the value of contactless payments had increased, and competition amongst payment providers had drastically inclined as well; this had caused banks to start working on securing their payments network with card security features and designs that standout.

We amongst others are working with alpha banks to introduce innovative Metal Payment Cards to attempt to develop a secured transaction with each personalized card. We work with trusted Card manufacturers that use cutting-edge technologies such, exclusive materials ranging from full body metal cards to veneer metal cards, dual interface technology, and sophisticated personalization techniques that bring out the unique value proposition of the Metal Payment Card.

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