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groupmed insurance endorsing instant issuance for greater customer satisfaction


To provide on-demand & on-site secure insurance policies& data encoding for a wide range of healthcare mutual funds, syndicates, insurance companies, and large corporations, GroupMed sought after an instant issuance solution to scale up to their demand for cards production & healthcare management services. 


GroupMed had expedited over 50 desktop card printers from Infotec System’s range of Evolis ID card printers. The printers are spread across several branches & a central issuance site to cover the need for advanced data encoding on secure and personalized cards.


  • Increase in acquisition of insurance policies across all market segments & increase in customer retention.
  • Ensure data & quality control with instant issuance of secure & personalized cards.
  • Boost their local visibility in mediating healthcare services with Nextcare and GlobeMed.
  • Decrease customer on-boarding cost and decrease in operational costs of logistics and fraud management.

Scaling to increased customer demand with cost-effective and durable card issuance

GroupMed realized the need for instant issuance as a way to respond to ever-growing demand for durable & tamper-resistant cards, as hospitals, corporates, and healthcare mutual funds use stringent cleaning material to sanitize the issued cards. Evolis’ highly durable, secure and personalized card printers, offer the necessary printing technology for fulfilling continuous reprints. All while providing convenience and cost-efficiency which is necessary to cover card production for country-wide spread consumer segments. In partnership with Infotec Systems, GroupMed was able to meet the demand of producing more than 150,000 cards in under 2 months.

Enhancing Data & security control

For corporates and hospitals alike, managing security risk is an utmost priority, that’s why Evolis instant issuance solutions offer a user-friendly data management software to comply to the data-conscious systems present at the card-holder’s destination.

Pre-hospitalization delay is a major problem in Beirut, Lebanonwhere 62% of Emergency department doctors expected patients to be admitted to treatment in a span of 60 minutes. Through our offered solution, GroupMed encoded card-holder data on their issued cards, which allowed for faster admission and less time in accommodating the specific needs of the patient at hospitals and specifically Emergency departments.

Why Choose Infotec Systems  

The desktop printer is an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and durable solution for instant issuance of staff ID badges, access control badges, payment cards, healthcare cards, student identification cards, multi-application cards and event badges. The primacy solution can deploy cards on-spot and on-demand with its large card feeder and output tray.

We offer added-value services that can help you rocket launch your solution to its full-scale, creating greater value & higher customer satisfaction. We complement our range of instant issuance printers with a certified repair center that handles hardware management such as supplies, accessories, and on-call hardware repair, and software management with licensing services, data management, and card fleet monitoring.  

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